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The feasibility study of a project examines and determines a number of variables and finally draws conclusion, whether the proposed venture is worthwhile or profitable, now or in near future. Although, factors like hard work, passion, a clever business idea and astute businessman, all contribute in the success of a business but before jumping for the launch or the expansion of the business, doing feasibility analysis is quite helpful. In the management of any project, feasibility study assumes greater importance. A feasibility analysis is conducted to determine the viability of any project idea. MBK Auditing is the top-most company for the feasibility study in Abu Dhabi. Our analysis opines that a project is technically and legally feasible and economically justifiable or not. Our study also tells whether the project is worth the investment. In some cases the project is not viable and doable due to many reasons. Our well designed study offers a historical background of the proposed project and includes a description of the product or the service, marketing research and policies, financial data, details of operations and management, accounting statements, , tax obligations and legal requirements. Below are the types of feasibility studies, we conduct.

Technical feasibility: This assessment is focussed on the available technical resources. We determine whether the organization’s technical resources meet the capacity to pull off the project or not. Also, whether the working team is capable of transforming the idea into working system. It also involves the evaluation of hardware, software and other technical requirements.

Economic feasibility: This analysis involves the cost and the profit analysis of the proposed project. In this step, we determine the tentative cost, viability and the benefits linked to the project. The study serves as an independent project assessment and improves its credibility.

Legal feasibility: This study determines, whether any part or any aspect of the project conflicts with the legal requirements. This saves the considerable time and the money of the organization as it may learn that the project was not feasible right from the beginning.

Operational feasibility: This study analyzes and determines, whether and how the organization’s needs can be met in the project. The study also investigates, how a project plan satisfies the requirements, identified in the project analysis.


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