Accounting & Auditing

MBK Auditing performs statutory audit, which means audit of annual financial statements required by a statute or a governing law. The statutory audit is required for license renewal, loans, credit facilities, vendor registration, ICV and ESR Reporting. We are registered as auditors in ADGM, DIFC, and all other free zones in the UAE. We are also approved auditors by major commercial banks and financial institutions.


Internal / Management Audit

Main objective of the internal auditing is to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the risk management strategy of an organization. The internal auditing conducted by MBK Auditing focuses on the examination of the effectiveness and efficiency of the financial and operational function within an organization.

We conduct internal audit to help the owners/management to identify the weakness in the internal control systems and to suggest measures for improvement. We also guide and assist in analysis of the performance and financial position of the business.

ADGM requires all regulated entities to appoint Internal Auditors.

Book Keeping and Accounting

We provide book keeping services either by visiting the clients’ office weekly or monthly. We can also maintain the accounts remotely, if required. We use multiple software such as Tally, Quick Books and Zoho, and can also work on any other software preferred by the client. The accounting services would include:

  • Choosing the right software for your business and implementing it in the right manner
  • Recording the transactions as per international accounting standards
  • Reconciling the bank, customers, vendors and inter-company accounts
  • Passing closing entries
  • Giving you monthly management reports in time and explanation of the financial health
  • Training you to look for the right number which will assist you in your business decision making

Accounting Supervision

If the client has a full time junior accountant or a admin staff taking care of basic book keeping, we can provide supervisory services to ensure that the accounting records are complete, correct, and in compliance with VAT and other regulations.

We periodically visit clients’ place to verify the books of accounts. We submit a monthly report and also guide the management and accounting staff from time to time.

Forensic Audit

MBK Auditing investigates the instances related to financial frauds and submits the report as required by Public Prosecutor.

The forensic auditing provides litigation support by means of accounting data. Our services are also valuable when people or entities have to prove a point in the court of law or even when, a defendant has been erroneously charged. Many companies or individuals may have the requirements of investigating audits and our team has specialized skills in investigatory auditing.

Information System Audit

As the business organizations are more and more technology driven and commercial activities are happening online, the need for Information system audit has increased manifold.

The benefits include standardization, improved business efficiency and system and process control, plan for contingencies and disaster recoveries, manage information and develop a related system, evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of the use of the information systems.

We do information systems audit as required by ADGM as part of internal audit as well as for client money and safe custody reports.

MBK Auditing is a full-service audit and accounting firm registered under the UAE Ministry of Economy and Department of Economic Development of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our accounting and audit services include Statutory Audit, Internal/ Management Audit, Bookkeeping & Accounting, Accounting Supervision, Forensic Audit and Information System Audit.

We are authorized to conduct statutory financial audits to comply with regulatory requirements all across the UAE including financial free zones such as DIFC and ADGM, We also conduct special audits to benefit the business owners and management to review the performance and identify weaknesses in the internal controls. We provide 360-degree accounting solutions to small and medium-sized businesses . We have the specialists to perform these tasks precisely tailored for each type and size of business segment. We also provide advice to detect and prevent potential financial and business risks .

Our statutory audit service offers the audit of company’s annual financial statements as per International Auditing Standards. Our statutory audit report expresses opinion on whether the audited financial statements are free of material misstatements and give true and fair view of the performance and financial position of the company as per International Financial Reporting Standards. Our statutory audit also covers review of the efficacy of the internal controls as we study, analyze and interpret the internal control systems and procedures and suggest measures to strengthen them through a Management Letter.

The internal/management audit service is an effective tool which adds value to any business owner and greatly improves overall business and financial management. It helps timely detection of errors and weaknesses and acts as a deterrent . This assists the organization accomplish its objectives as it improves the effectiveness of the risk management. This helps businesses to identify and prioritize areas that require audit focus. MBK Auditing also identifies gaps or trouble spots where controls are improperly designed.

Our bookkeeping and accounting service offers complete accounting solutions to ensure accurate and up-to-date financial information to help the business owners in their strategic decision making. This service develops a system that organizes your sales, purchases, payments and receipts. We maintain monthly / quarterly books of accounts in an accounting software so that you get an accurate picture of the financial health. Armed with our service, you’ll be able to make informed and timely decisions. Our team is well versed and experienced in handling all major accounting systems. We maintain the accounts in conformity with best accounting practices and VAT regulations in UAE. We also assist in setting up accounting system , creating chart of accounts , reconciliation of bank, customers, vendors and intercompany account , closing the books at the end of every month / quarter and preparation of the period financial statements as required by the business owners and management.

The accounting supervision service that MBK Auditing offers is absolutely vital to the SME’s in UAE for effective monitoring of the company’s accounting and financial management. The regular supervision by qualified and experienced accounting professional ensures that the accounting books are properly maintained, complete, accurate and comply with applicable laws and regulations. Our service also helps to train the accounting team to understand the financial position and performance at any given juncture. Our professionals are not just the number crunchers but uniquely well-placed to offer strategic advice in the matter of banking, taxation, commercial laws and financial management.

The forensic audit service is quite important for fraud prevention and fraud risk management. We share regular confidential feedback to our clients related to anti-money laundering, anti-corruption regulations and their compliance. The forensic audit service that investigates financial reporting helps the businesses in litigation, arbitration and disputes. Our service provides you an independent report that can be used to file criminal complaint to the Public Prosecution in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in case of financial fraud, misappropriation of cash and other assets.

The information system audit service keeps you ahead in the current global scenario. MBK Auditing makes it sure that your IT system is reliable, secure and invulnerable to the cybercrimes. The service provides you data integrity, data availability and data confidentiality. We audit your IT , systems, its management and the related processes.

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